This month I spoke to our team about ‘sex for rent exploitation’. This is becoming an increasing problem due to rising house prices and living costs in the UK. Sex for rent exploitation is when a landlord asks for sex or sexual favours in exchange for accommodation. They will often advertise online, and it is not always obvious that they seek sex in exchange for a place to live. It may involve the victim meeting the ‘landlord’ and coming to an agreement about how often they will be expected to have sex or take part in sexual activity in exchange for a place to live, however this agreement often changes once the victim has moved in. The victim may then be threatened with eviction if they do not meet the demands of the ‘landlord’, meaning they feel trapped. The team and I discussed which people may be more vulnerable to being exploited in this way; Often it is women however we must be open to the fact that men may also face this. The victim may be homeless or facing homelessness, and they may be on a low income or be a student. It’s really important we listen to others and report any concerning comments, such as people stating they have a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement with a landlord or people who seem reluctant or scared to go home. If you need support or are concerned that someone you know may need support, please contact me using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Where can I find more information on Sex for Rent exploitation?

There have been several documentaries about this topic, so I have put links below. Please also watch the video to find out more.

If you would like more information or need support and guidance, please contact me at

“Landlords are exploiting those finding it impossible to afford decent housing.” –

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