All our staff are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable in

all specific areas.

Recruitment Service-

We also offer our Recruitment Service, which is totally free of charge. Our Recruitment Manager will work with you to find out your Apprenticeship vacancy needs. This will then be advertised on the government website and monitored. All applications will be viewed, filtered, asked desired questions and then forwarded to you. You can then decide whether you’d like to interview and then hopefully start process of finding a potential apprentice for your company.

Start Process-

Once you have decided on an apprentice, let us know they have started employment with you. They then apply on line, do an initial assessment and are forwarded to their expert tutor. The tutor will then contact you and plan a visit to commence all paperwork for sign up.

Please contact for recruitment service-

Nicki Bevan

Tel- 07494574723


Employing an Apprentice is easier thank you think-

MBKB deliver apprenticeships built specifically around your individual company vision and values and your Business's specific needs. We work with you to create a program driven by our knowledge and experience. We have a variety of new qualifications available such as, Payroll, Events Assistant, Digital Marketer and Internal Audit Practitioner.

Our qualifications are made to suit your ambitions, role, career progression and enhance your staff and company. Apprenticeships are extremely effective and hugely successful.