Although similar to coaching in approach, mentoring is more about providing you with a range of options and ideas, based around our mentors experience.

We cover four key elements:

  • Improving performance
  • Career development
  • Counselling
  • Knowledge sharing

We have a wealth of mentors available to support on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis.
Mentoring relationships have been proven to help individuals develop and excel in their role / field.  As with coaching we have a range of options in terms of length and delivery methods.


Coaching is a very broad term, denoting all aspects of life management.  Our approach, focuses on what really matters to you, we work with individuals and teams to create bespoke coaching options.

The results of which will include increased confidence, self awareness, vision and

perspective, impacting not only on your workplace (improving interview technique,

presentations, speeches, leading and engaging teams and customer confidence)

also in personal, social interactions (enhancing the quality of interactions and relationships with others, whilst also offering wider engagement opportunities )

We deliver Practical and Technical skills vis bespoke one-to-one executive coaching sessions. The service is available to anyone who wants to improve confidence, presence, presentation, charisma, impact or communication skills. Sessions are also available over Skype.

We see it as our role to help you become the best equipped version of you.