MBKB deliver programmes built specifically around your individual company vision and values, By working with you to create a bespoke program driven by our technical knowledge and experience, we offer an unrivaled training solution. A variety of programs and routes are available each one individually tailored coached and designed around the apprentice and the Business' s specific needs, we ensure all delivery adopts an exclusive approach incorporating your company’s unique ethos and culture.

 We do not deliver training built around qualifications as we believe in developing the individual to suit their ambitions, their role and their employer's requirements as such the qualification is a by-product of each team member becoming an advanced practitioner and extremely effective leader, every program is different, every program is hugely successful.

Implementation will include – 

  • Creation of a 100% tailored program

  • Bespoke delivery using your company values and ethos.

  • 4 Stage detailed initial assessment with each apprentice

  • Creation of Delivery plan to be approved by your company 

  • Blended delivery options specific to each apprentice, their aim and learning styles.

  • Online Peer to Peer support network 

  • Additional support from Expert Mentors and Tutors (from current Industry)

Program training includes

•          1 - 1 coaching and mentoring
•          Online Study programs / Webinars
•          Assignments and Scenario projects
•          Self-study tasks
•          Professional discussions
•          Interview Panel training
•          Industry Webinars – Guest Speakers 

 We issue our ‘Standards of service’ to demonstrate the high level of service we provide. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and offer a no obligation proposal. 
On behalf of MBKB, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time in reading this and sincerely hope you find its contents and opportunities encouraging.

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